Custom Tune Request

This form is for customers redeeming their custom tune voucher that is included with a purchase of cam phaser lockout tuning kits.

If you have not purchased a kit but would like to click here.


Please complete the questionnaire below to have your custom tune created and emailed to you. Failure to complete this form correctly will delay the delivery of your custom tune. All tunes are processed as they are received. Please allow at least 24 - 36 hours to receive your custom tunes.


ECU Strategy can be found by plugging the device into the OBD2 port and navigating and selecting vehicle info.

Follow the instructions below after receiving your tune.

  • Step 4
    • Verify your vehicle's battery has a strong charge
    • Plug device into vehicle and turn key to the on position (Do not crank vehicle)
    • Select program vehicle
    • Follow the on screen prompts and choose the custom tune file from the available tune section.
    • Begin programming the vehicle and continue to follow all on screen prompts.
    • A success message will appear on the screen. Any check engine lights codes related to advanced timing will no longer appear.


If you find it difficult to use the links provided above click here for written instructions on how to download the device updater, how to update device, and how to load a custom tune.