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You upgrade and modify your truck with aftermarket diesel parts for optimum performance. Maintain your diesel’s fluids, filters, and fuel for continual boosts and added longevity.

Shop our selection below for air filters with superior filtration and cleaners that loosen grime and dirt from synthetic filters. Without fresh air, your powerplant can’t deliver the horsepower and torque you expect. Winter is tough on engines, so check out our cold weather protection products that prevent fuel gel and reduce toxic exhaust emissions. Check out some fuel modification complex if you need to reduce particulate matter, protect injector tips and pistons, or dissolve gummed up fuel.

Forbidden Diesel Performance also carries friction modifiers to eliminate stiction and grease to restore resilience to friction-worn parts. Corrosion has no chance with our selection of rust and oxidation prevention and removal fluids. Protect your ride with these performance diesel products. We can answer any questions you might have about these or any other diesel accessories we carry. Order today!

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