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Gauge pods usually fit right into the interior design of Ford, Dodge, or Chevy trucks and make it easier to see your transmission temp, rail pressure, boost, and more. Tuning and monitoring the performance of your Cummins, Power Stroke, or Duramax means you need a windshield mount to oversee the performance of your added diesel parts and accessories. When installing or removing your tuner, the job is easier with a hands-free, accessible view. Whether you’re programming your rig for improved fuel efficiency or jacking up its power, you’ll need a dashboard or windshield mount to keep your monitors and gauges at eye level. These multi-angle diesel products swivel, adjust, stick on easily, and hold your controller or programmer for on-the-go adjustments. They are easy to install. Shop our selection of universal mounts or the Edge adapter that works flawlessly with several Edge monitors.

With over 50 combined years of automotive repair and customer service experience, Forbidden Diesel specializes in everything diesel. If you don’t see the mount you want, contact us. We’ll help you find your part. Shop here! 

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