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Looking for high performance diesel parts that push you toward the finish line? Cool your truck’s intake and exhaust temperatures while boosting horsepower and torque through the right injection method. If your truck has an engine management system that can add nitrous enrichment fuel through the engines injectors, we’ve got systems that offer a safe way to amp up performance. If your prefer the water-methanol injection, we’ve got kits that take the old tech up a notch. No tuning necessary. These plug-and-play aftermarket diesel parts include components like solenoids, electrical connectors, nuts, bolts, and wires to offer race-ready kits. If you’re looking for adjustable power levels and nitrous flow control, shop here. These nitrous oxide systems enhance your control power with progressive, digital controllers and apply your flow based on miles-per-hour, RPM, and throttle percentage. Check out a water-methanol injection kit that includes a seven gallon tank kit and digital controller.

With over 50 combined years of automotive repair and customer service experience, Forbidden Diesel specializes in everything diesel. If you don’t’ see the nitrous or water-methanol product you want, contact us. We’ll help you find your part. Shop here!

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Description: Water-Methanol Injection Maximizes Engine Performance Cools Intake Temperatures Digital Controller (included) Plug-and-Play wiring Greater flow than competition Higher Pump...More Details »
Item #: BKQC45175
Condition: New
Price: $1,098.00

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