Do Ford Cam Phaser Lockout Kits Really Work?

Cam phaser lockout kits are often recommended as the best solution for Ford V8 owners experiencing cam phaser issues. Do they really work, though?

The answer is yes, they do. Read on to find out why.

How a Cam Phaser Lockout Kit Works

Cams split

It’s common for the cam phaser in a Ford 3-valve 4.6L or 5.4L V8 engine to fail. The cam phaser is a small adjustable camshaft sprocket designed to control the valve timing. They are prone to failure in certain engines. They become noisy at first. Eventually the vanes inside the phaser sprocket can break. This can clog oil passages at the front of the engine and cause serious engine damage due to the lack of oil in the front cylinders.

That’s why a failed cam phaser is something that needs to be addressed right away. Some people choose to replace their cam phaser. Others choose to install a cam phaser lockout kit. The kit’s main purpose is to lock the cam phaser into the advanced timing position to keep it from causing any further damage.

A cam phaser lockout kit contains a milled metal block to insert between the vanes. It also has optional add-ons such as bolts, a timing chain wedge tool, and a programmer.

Some Ford owners decide to purchase a tuner along with their cam phaser lockout kit in order to program their ECU to accept the change in the cam phaser. Read more here about how a cam phaser lockout kit works.

How a Cam Phaser Lockout Kit is More Effective Than a Cam Phaser Replacement

Back in the old days before variable valve timing was invented, the cam sprocket was just a simple sprocket attached the end of the camshaft. These days in certain Ford V8 engines, there’s a cam phaser in the sprocket that shifts back and forth to control the valve timing. Locking the cam phaser into the advanced timing position ensures that your engine operates well at all RPMs. You’re basically simplifying the engine’s operation. The lockout makes it function the way it would have just a few years ago before variable valve timing came along.

Locking your cam phaser in place doesn’t damage the engine or cause any long-term problems. It’s a safe, effective, and affordable permanent solution to the cam phaser issue plaguing Ford V8 owners everywhere.

There’s another solution, and it’s to replace the cam phaser. However, it’s not a great solution because:

  • A full cam phaser replacement costs thousands of dollars
  • It’s a temporary solution because the new cam phaser will fail again due to its faulty design.

The bottom line: a cam phaser lockout is the best way to address cam phaser failure.

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