LED Headlight Upgrade Options For the Ford Super Duty

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By upgrading to LED headlights, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

  • More even illumination
  • More brightness
  • Less need for a bulb replacement
  • Better style

It’s an upgrade we will always recommend because it delivers a lot of value for the price. With the amount of aftermarket LED headlights available, it might be hard to narrow down the best sets for your Ford Super Duty truck.

At Forbidden Diesel, we make a point to carry only the most premium brands, including those that produce high-quality LED headlights for Ford Super Duty trucks. Below you will find a list of some of the best Ford Super Duty LED headlights on the market. But first, let’s talk about the two different types of LED headlights.

Two Types of LED Headlights: Reflector and Projector

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A set of LED headlights can be either reflector or projector style.

The reflector style is the oldest and most common design among all kinds of headlights, including LEDs. A reflector headlight is made with a light bulb encased in a steel bowl. There are mirrors placed inside the housing so the light can bounce off of them and shine onto the road.

The projector style is a newer invention that came into the picture in the 1980s. The projector style is designed similarly to the reflector style. It also has a bulb encased in a steel bowl with mirrors as reflectors. But, it functions differently. There’s a lens built in to help increase the brightness and evenness of the light beam. You'll also find a cutoff shield to ensure that the low beams don't shine in other driver's eyes.

Even though projector headlights tend to cost a little more than reflector headlights, we still highly recommend them. This style comes with many benefits, including:

  • Increased brightness
  • More uniform lighting
  • No blinding other drivers (as projector headlights are so bright that they’re directed down on the road)

Anzo USA is our brand of choice for LED headlights for Ford Super Duty trucks. Anzo USA builds their LED headlights using CAD technology, and they’re custom designed to fit your Super Duty precisely. We have different types of Anzo USA LED headlights in our catalog for Super Duty trucks:

Options For the 2011-2016 Super Duty Generation

Options For the 2008-2010 Super Duty Generation

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the LED headlights we carry for Ford Super Duty trucks. We’d love to chat with you and answers any questions you may have!