The Best Solution For 6.0 Power Stroke Fan Clutch Problems

If your 6.0L Power Stroke engine runs hot often, under normal driving conditions, then it’s a good idea to check the electric fan clutch. It’s pretty common for the electric fan clutch on the 6.0L Power Stroke engine to have problems turning on and off.

The issue happens because the fan clutch’s wiring deteriorates from exposure to harsh conditions. This causes the fan to default into the unlocked position.

What Happens When the Electric Fan Clutch Fails?

When your electric fan clutch fails, the fan doesn't pull fresh air through your radiator, intercooler, and AC condenser. As a result:

  • The air conditioner fails to cool the cabin.
  • The engine runs too hot or overheats.

An overheated engine can lead to several different issues:

  • An overheated cylinder head can crush the head gasket and restrict coolant flow to the cylinders.
  • Cause damage to the bearings and crankshaft.
  • The pistons and exhaust valves will expand and scrape the cylinder walls and the valve guides.
  • The cylinder head will expand, causing it to distort or crack.

Diagnosing a Bad Fan Clutch

Fan clutch

Image Credit: James Beeler

If you suspect that your fan clutch is failing, you can check it to see if it’s working correctly. To do this:

  • Physically inspect the wiring to make sure they’re still functional.
  • Spin and wiggle the fan to see if all the hardware is still intact.
  • Check the EGR system to make sure it’s working correctly with your electric fan clutch.
  • Use a scan tool.

The Best Solution: Replacing Your Electric Fan Clutch With a Mechanical One

The most logical solution would be to replace your broken 6.0 electric fan clutch with another 6.0 electric fan clutch. However, it’s not the best solution because the wiring itself is unreliable. That means the part will only fail again in due time.

Do you want to fix this problem permanently? Your best bet is to replace the bad electric fan clutch with the mechanical fan clutch used in the 7.3L Ford diesel engine.


The mechanical 7.3L fan clutch can be directly bolted onto the fan, but it needs to be mounted with an adapter that will connect it to the 6.0L water pump. Forbidden Diesel sells an adapter that connects a mechanical 7.3 fan clutch to a 6.0 water pump: BulletProof Diesel Fan Clutch Adapter.

Benefits of a Mechanical Fan Clutch

Electric fan clutches may be more modern, but mechanical fan clutches are more reliable. Compared to electric fan clutches, mechanical fan clutches:

  • Perform more consistently.
  • Power the air conditioner more efficiently.
  • Ultimately reduces engine oil temperatures and coolant temperatures.