Everything You Need to Know About Swapping a 6.0 Fan Clutch to a 7.3 Fan Clutch

It’s pretty common for the electric fan clutch in 6.0L Ford Power Stroke engines to fail. A lot of 6.0L Power Stroke owners fix this problem by replacing the faulty 6.0L fan clutch with a new 7.3L mechanical fan clutch. Read on to learn more all about this fix.

6.0L Electric Fan Clutch Problems

Fan front

Like any electrically operated part, the 6.0L fan clutch has a wiring harness. These wires are vulnerable to harsh weather and road conditions and will deteriorate over time. As a result, the fan clutch defaults into the unlocked position and has trouble turning on and shutting off.

When the fan clutch can’t turn on and off properly, the engine ends up overheating. This is a pretty serious issue because a hot engine can lead to several different issues.

The first issue is the cylinder head can crush the head gasket and restrict coolant flow to the cylinders. The second issue is that an engine that has overheated can cause significant damage to the crankshaft and the bearings, as well as the heat can cause the cylinder head can expand, causing it to distort or crack. The final issue an overheated engine can cause is expansion of the pistons and exhaust valves. when the pistons expand, they will scrape the cylinder walls and cause significant damage. When the exhaust valves expand, they can damage the valve guides.

Why Upgrade to a 7.3L Fan Clutch?

The best way to fix this problem permanently is to swap the 6.0L fan clutch with a 7.3L fan clutch. The 7.3L fan clutch is mechanical. It has no wiring harness, so it’s more reliable.

You could always replace your faulty 6.0L fan clutch with an identical one, but that new part is only going to fail again in due time. Upgrading to a 7.3L fan clutch is a more permanent solution.

It’s a very effective upgrade. So much so that some 6.0L Power Stroke owners upgrade to the 7.3L mechanical fan clutch even though their electric fan clutch is still working. A tuned or modified engine will benefit from the upgrade.

You Need to Install an Adapter Too


When you upgrade to a 7.3L fan clutch, you also need to get an adapter to connect the new fan clutch to your truck’s existing water pump. Be sure to get an adapter that’s specifically designed for the 7.3L fan clutch and the 6.0L water pump.

Forbidden Diesel carries the adapter you need to connect your existing water pump to a 7.3L mechanical fan clutch: The Bullet Proof Diesel Fan Clutch Adapter

The Fan Clutch Replacement Process

Upgrading to a mechanical fan clutch in your diesel truck is a straightforward process.

Basically, you remove the 6.0L fan clutch and then replace it with the 7.3L fan clutch. The process involves using the adapter to connect the new fan clutch to the 6.0L water pump, as well.

Next, just wait for the old-fashioned mechanical fan clutch to get hot enough to turn itself on. That’s all. It’s much easier than tinkering around with the ECU to make sure it’s synced up with the electric fan clutch.

Please contact us if you have any questions about upgrading to a 7.3L fan clutch.